Re: [Shotwell] Enhance face detection

On Fri, 2018-06-22 at 08:08 +0000, Narendra Acharya via shotwell-list wrote:

I was looking at the current face detection code in shotwell 0.29.2 and feel that it can be enhanced.
So I pulled the code from and started making some changes.
1. Do not run another process for face detection (shotwell-facedetect) but integrate the OpenCV calls into shotwell and link to OpenCV libraries

This is potentially problematic as OpenCV can be compiled against Gtk2 - which will break Shotwell then and is the reason why the detection was done in a separate process in the first place.

2. Ability to use OpenCL when available on the platform using T-API in OpenCV 3.x
3. Eventually add face recognition on photos using a trained model based on faces labelled by the user - this would need a few faces to be tagged by the user before the OpenCV face recognition calls can be used (

There is also some prior work on this by the original author of facedetect:

Is there anyone else working on this area? 


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