[Shotwell] Shotwell Drag to Kdenlive

Hi all.

I would like to suggest another method for the drag filenames to other applications.  I have read through all the bugs outstanding on the issue of images not saved etc, and on the fly-file creation, but I was wondering if you could do it another way.

1) With a key combination, say Super+C - dim out all those which have alterations.  For me personally, this would be almost zero as I use Shotwell really for video files and tagging all my own stuff.  In this mode, the CTRL click of files could build up an array of filenames, which could then be dragged into Kdenlive or similar.  Do not allow dimmed out files to be added.  Simplez.

2) Alternatively, a new folder or similar called "Copy by Filenames".  By placing/dragging files into this, anything moved out of here would be by filename only - although again you need to consider altered images (perhaps you auto create the files tmp style if the image has changes and is dragged into this special folder).

I think 1 is better and probably far simpler, just a thought.

I really love Shotwell, and intend to use it heavily in my creation flow, but this one little change (with huge side-effects I know) would so so help in everything.



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