[Shotwell] missing event pictures after transfer to new computer

Hello all,
I managed to package shotwell 0.26.3 for PCLinuxOS.
Now I installed the package on my current system and again
I am running into the problem that thumbnails for event pictures
are missing.
These are the contents of thumbs360 folder after the transfer
[gerrit@Olga ~]$ ls .cache/shotwell/thumbs/thumbs360/
video-0000000000000002.jpg  video-0000000000000004.jpg
video-0000000000000003.jpg  video-0000000000000005.jpg

I have attached the shotwell.log to this message.

I note when paging the photo library that thumbnails are generated
on the fly. But that does not happen when paging the events.
In that case a message is written into the shotwell.log
L 5920 2017-09-11 09:58:30 [CRT] EventDirectoryItem.vala:109: Unable to fetch preview for Event [507/6088] Thu Aug 10, 2017: Failed to open file '/home/gerrit/.cache/shotwell/thumbs/thumbs360/thumb0000000000000bb9.jpg': No such file or directory

Would it not be possible to change line 109 in the vala source by
something that generates the thumbnail?
That would more convenient than looking up a random picture in
and using ImageMagick's convert to generate a thumbnail
   $convert ~/Pictures/2017/0911/<img_xxxx.jpg> /home/.cache \

p.s. I submitted a bug report earlier

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