Re: [Shotwell] "Hide photos already imported" doesn't work for me


Using shotwell 0.26.3, this is what I did:
1. I `apt purge shotwell`, so it should reset all my configs and ddbb.
2. I installed shotwell again. Unexpectedly, shotwell kept the config I had in "Preferences": Library Location, Directory structure, External Editors, as well as I think the plugins I had enabled.
3. When launching shotwell, it starts to re-build the database corresponding to the Photos Library as I would expect.
4. Connecting external camera still previews all the images as they were never been imported, although they've been recently located and registered in the "Photos" library.
5. Once all pictures has been loaded, I press the "Import All" option.
6. Wait for the process to terminate. Then, it says that the big majority are duplicated and were not imported. The other few successfully imported were indeed new pictures that I hadn't in my library so that's OK.

So the problem seems to arise when shotwell rebuild the library database. It registers the pictures but doesn't use their previews to check for "Hide photos already imported". Though, It does check for duplicates with them, when importing the photos.

IMO, shotwell should generate the thumbnails and use them when creating or refreshing the photos library, so I could move my library or copy photos manually and they would still be hidden in the device window.



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