Re: [Shotwell] "Hide photos already imported" doesn't work for me

Hi Abel,

On Tue, Apr 18, 2017 at 10:28 AM, Abel <akronix5 gmail com> wrote:

Since quite long time ago, the option "Hide photos already imported" doesn't
work for me.
In the "Camera device" view it always displays all images stored on it,
regardless whether they've been imported or not.However, Shotwell does know
which photos has been already imported because if I selected one of those
and I do "Import selected", Shotwell reacts with a "1 duplicate photo was
not imported" warning.

Let me know if I should move this to a bug.
"Hide photos already imported" works on the thumbnail (or rather its
hash) while the duplicate detection during the import works on the
full image (which wasn't downloaded while fetching the previews -
previewing would take way too long otherwise)
Thus this behavior is possibly valid.
The question is rather, why shotwell doesn't detect the previous
import assuming that the local thumbnail matches the camera's. Do you
have local modifications on the duplicate files?
Out of my head I don't know if shotwell stores the camera's preview
separately to make sure it's not modified when the local copy is
modified and it's thumbnail is regenerated.

Which version are you using?

PD: Shouldn't it be "1 duplicated photo was not imported" ?
I would have said that shotwell's current version reads easier and
"seems" just as correct to me - any linguists?



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