Re: [Shotwell] Two small patches: Give focus when showing search bar and cntrl + F shortcut

Two issues: The first patch causes
L 24584 2017-03-13 20:00:36 [CRT] search_filter_toolbar_take_focus:
assertion 'IS_SEARCH_FILTER_TOOLBAR (self)' failed

Hmm this seems to happen when, starting up the app, it prematurely
executes on_display_searchbar (don't know why) and tries to give focus
even before the search toolbar has been displayed. It executes
on_display_searchbar later again and runs succesfully.
Maybe we could check if the search bar is being displayed before to
give it focus, is there any method to check if a widget is being
Any other better idea?

Sorry, not having the patches in Bugzilla made me forget about them. I will

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