Re: [Shotwell] bug: full screen next photo

I am seeing the same issue with version 0.23.7 on Ubuntu 16.10 with
Unity (final beta).  I am not on a GVFS mounted directory.  To
Open Shotwell
Double click a photo
View > Fullscreen
Hit Right Arrow Key and it zooms (at least it does most of the time.
Sometimes it does work, but I have not determined what it is that
makes the difference).


On 25 September 2016 at 15:14, Jens Georg <mail jensge org> wrote:
That should work, unless you are on a GVFS-mounted directory. Then it
doesn't (There's a ticket open for that)

Hi all,

it seems that at some point in the development shotwell lost the
ability to go to the next photo in full creen (F11) mode.

Enter does nothing
Down and Right        zoom in
Up and Left   zoom out
Space does nothing

please please, can we fix that? Either "Left"/"Right" or
or so to go forward and backward in the list of photos.

I faintly rmember that left right worked in former times.



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