[Shotwell] Shotwell 0.25.0 - program terminated with signal sigsev

Hi Jens,

I switch over to Fedora 25 Beta and installed shotwell from git.
Compiling worked after installing several additional packages.

Whenever I start the program, it crashes. So I followed the advice how
to save information about the crash:

SHOTWELL_LOG=1 gdb shotwell 2>&1 | tee shotwell.gdb

I attach the log file and I hope it helps to the error

Thank you for your work an shotwell!

Kind regards

PS. I would like to have an additional feature:

-- Including/Excluding directories for the library search

   Below my directory Bilder I have several directories which shouldn't 
   be searched by shotwell, so excluding these libraries would speed up 
   the program a lot.

Prof. Dr. Jobst Hoffmann            Tel:   +49 (241) 6009-5 31 59
Fachhochschule Aachen Abt. Jülich   Fax:   +49 (241) 6009-5 31 89
Fachbereich 09                      email: j hoffmann fh-aachen de

Attachment: shotwell.gdb
Description: shotwell.gdb

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