Re: [Shotwell] Map Widget Update


Some random first impressions from a quick compile and run:
 - I really like the feature
 - Geotagging things by dragging to map is neat
 - But the geoinformation does not show up in the extended information
 - My images are badly geotagged :)
 - The "lock" icon needs a tooltip, I could only guess what it does
from your mail
 - The map feels too small wedged in the bottom left
 - I sometimes end up in the middle of nowhere (central Russia or
Atlantic Ocean) for no obvious reason
 - The delay of the first startup with the patch (due to the database
upgrade?) feels too long without feedback - but that might be a generic
Shotwell issue

Hey List

Given the new Shotwell maintainer Jens, I was motivated to pick up
work on the map feature:

The current state can be cloned from my libchamplain branch on

What changed since the last state in the bug report:
- Rebased on current master
- Copyright reassigned to SFC
- Lock state on the map to avoid accidentally setting a position
  (by dropping an image on the map)
- Group nearby markers together, I also created a new icon for this

I'd be happy if someone could test this on a larger collection and be
interested if there's a performance impact. My tests have so far been
on smaller collections.

Of course a code review is most welcome too.

I'm confident that we now have enough features for a stable Shotwell
release with the map widget. Jens, let me know if you feel that
anything crucial that's missing and that'd cause you to reject a

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