[Shotwell] Shotwell missing feature

Dear all, 

I'm pretty happy how shotwell works with one particular quirck --> it's non-destructive when I want it to be destructive. Would it be possible for shotwell to notify me when I'm viewing edited image and offer option to auto-export save changes and overwriting the original. 

Workflow would be something like:
File-> Export to original (Ctl+S, Ctl+Shirt+S for option dialog. Pure Ctl+S would use default setting configured in setting panel) and it would export image, overwriting the original image. 

This would help shotwell play nice with other tools I might be using (in my case google photos/drive integration). I like how it offers me basic editing tool but makes it difficult using them with other resource. 

Alternatively you could always push changes to the original image while keeping the real original in database, which would be better default in my opinion

Thank you,

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