Re: [Shotwell] Updating .gitignore

I misunderstood the script. Please check master, no more .gitignore in
git and it should ignore all the things you mentioned below 

I've noticed the new make gitignore target from How should
I go
about to add new ignores (e.g. MapWidget.c) - manually or generate
using one of those new targets?

C files should show up automatically IIRC.

Then, I've noticed that after a build there are tons of generated
(.page, .m4, .mo, .stamp, ...) that are marked as untracked and
probably be listed in .gitignore.
Also, some rules like /*~ or /.*.sw[nop] that would make sense to
matched in any subdir (oddly, there is a rule /**/.*.swp). Can we
manually fix up .gitignore without messing up the generation?

Tbh I haven't really understood yet the logic behind that
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