[Shotwell] Can't see ptp phone in shotwell.

Hi all,
 When I connect my phone (Honor 7) and select
"Open Shotwell Photo Manager", the camera doesn't appear in Shotwell.

I can see it and get my pictures using gphoto2 without any problem :

ANG=C gphoto2 --summary
Camera summary:                                                                
Manufacturer: HUAWEI
Model: PLK-L01
  Version: 1.0
  Serial Number: H8W0215B13001306

Capture Formats: 
Display Formats: Undefined Type, Association/Directory, Text, HTML, MS Wave, MP3, MPEG, JPEG, TIFF EP, BMP, GIF, JFIF, PNG, TIFF, Unknown(b901), Unknown(b902), Unknown(b903), Unknown(b982), Unknown(b983), Unknown(b984), Unknown(ba05), Unknown(ba10), Unknown(ba11), Unknown(ba14), Unknown(ba82), Unknown(b906), BMP

Device Capabilities:
File Download, File Deletion, File Upload
No Image Capture, No Open Capture, No vendor specific capture

Storage Devices Summary:
StorageDescription: Carte SD
VolumeLabel: None
Storage Type: Removable RAM (memory card)
Filesystemtype: Generic Hierarchical
Access Capability: Read-Write
Maximum Capability: 64018710528 (61053 MB)
Free Space (Bytes): 49394352128 (47106 MB)
Free Space (Images): 1073741824

Device Property Summary:
Property 0xd401:(readwrite) (type=0xffff) '(null)'
Property 0xd402:(readwrite) (type=0xffff) '(null)'
Image Size(0x5003):(read only) (type=0xffff) '1920x1920'
Battery Level(0x5001):(read only) (type=0x2) Range [0 - 100, step 1] value: 100% (100)

Using SHOTWELL_LOG=1 shotwell I can capture that in the logs :

L 5192 2016-01-24 12:58:04 [DBG] CameraTable.vala:256: Detected 1/1 USB PTP Class Camera @ usb:001,010
L 5192 2016-01-24 12:58:04 [DBG] CameraTable.vala:155: USB ESP: current_camera_count=1 port=usb:001,010
L 5192 2016-01-24 12:58:04 [DBG] CameraTable.vala:200: USB ESP: No matching bus/device found for port=usb:001,010

Should I try to add it to the source and build it ?

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