Re: [Shotwell] Bug 775196 - Duplicate detection broken with RAW files - Proposed patch for review

Now if the option to hide already imported files is set, Shotwell
won't show me some of the images and will not import them. When I
import hundreds of photos at once the fact that some of the photos
are missing will get easily unnoticed (I typically don't check every
single file, I just select to import all images). Unfortunately this
way I might lose some pictures, thinking that all photos have been
safely copied on my computer: in particular, if I format my sdcard
all photos that were mistakenly considered as duplicates by Shotwell
will be unrecoverably lost.

In general, would it be more helpful if there would be an option not
only to hide the already imported files but to mark them clearly (faded
out or sth like that?)

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