[Shotwell] Issue "hmac_sha1" on shotwell version 0.23.4

Dear all

I'm using shotwell for a while. After upgrade my machine with Linuxmint 18, and installing shotwell from the yg-jensge repository, i've notice an issue when i want to publish some photo (on Flick). At the moment on i do a click on the publish botton, shotwell crash with this error:

shotwell: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/shotwell/plugins/builtin/shotwell-publishing.so: undefined symbol: hmac_sha1

I've search about some package not installed, but can't found one.

Could you help me with this issue?


-- Jérôme
Quand un arbre tombe, on l'entend ; quand la forêt pousse, pas un bruit.
        (Proverbe africain)

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