[Shotwell] Crash on automatic import after library migration


I recently  moved my shotwell library from my old pc to a newer one.  I followed instructions published in the FAQ.
After more than an hour rescaning and updating the database, it try to import new media and crush. If I open shotwell again, it try to execute the import process again, and crush.
Executing shotwell from command line output this lines

dpacheco dpacheco-ntbk:~$ shotwell
Excepción de coma flotante (`core' generado)

New pc is running Ubuntu 15.04 64 bit (same problem with 14.10).  Old pc was Xubuntu 13.04 64 bit.  User in new pc is "dpacheco", old user was "dago".

I also tried to:

- Use the same user as the old PC so the library file path was the same, but it still crush at "automatic import" process.

- The exact same problem occurs on a fresh Fedora 22 installation.

The problems seems to be related with RAW files.  I must add that recently started to work with RAW format from a Panasonic Lumix GX7 camera.

I filed the bug 750198 where also is atached GDB backtrace and shotwell log file, but I haven't had solution for this.

It would be nice if someone can give me some new approaches for try to solve this or "bypass" this problem, so I can still work on my photographs, couse I haven't been able to work with my latest ones.


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