[Shotwell] Imported from F-spot

Just installed Ubuntu 14.04 and start to use Shotwell instead of F-spot. Seems to work great.

Had my photos in /home/user/Pictures/Photos/Year/Month/Day from my F-spot.

So I imported F-spot photos already structured as above, and checked for duplicates and all metadata, tags and stuff seems to work :).

Now Shotwell import new Pictures to /home/user/Pictures/Year/Month/Day, just under Pictures and not In Pictures/Photos

I want Shotwell to import to the same place!

It doesent really matter If it is in:

/home/user/Pictures/Photos/Year/Month/Day or

Just the same place.

How is it easiest to move the new photos to the same places and keep all metadata, tags and stuffs?

To make a new import, takes a lot of time! and I'm afraid if I just move the pictures in desktop folders, I will lost metadata...

Cheers. /Johan N

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