Re: [Shotwell] able to choose folder name for the imported photos

The import directory name is patterned after the photos' exposure date/time.  This can be changed in Edit -> Preferences.

As far as changing the directory name later, as long as the photos are moved inside your Library directory (usually your Pictures directory), Shotwell should locate them and adjust its internal paths.  (Note that this is sometimes problematic when your photos are stored on a network server or an external harddrive using a non-Linux filesystem, like NTFS.)

-- Jim

On Thu, Jan 2, 2014 at 12:15 PM, Vincent <el cameleon 1 gmail com> wrote:
I also find that this is the major issue with Shotwell. So I don't use the Shotwell import feature, and import my photo manually because I want to be sure that they are well classified in folders containing event name.

2014/1/2 Balázs Barcsik <balazs barcsik gmail com>
Hi There!

I started to use this great tool, but I missing a kind of basic feature:
When you importing photos it is not possible to name the folder of the imported photos.
It will be named by shotwell with date folder structure.
And that folder name can not be modified later via shotwell either.

So shotwell force user to use only this tool for managing photos if the user wants to use the import feature - since the folder structure wont be readable for human anymore - just for shotwell.

What do you think?

Thanks, Balazs

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Vincent (caméléon)

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