[Shotwell] New development snapshot: Shotwell 0.17.0

I've just pushed up a development snapshot of Shotwell version 0.17.0, available at https://download.gnome.org/sources/shotwell/0.17/shotwell-0.17.0.tar.xz

As Shotwell is now on the GNOME version numbering scheme, this release and all others in the 0.17 branch are *unstable* snapshots of our development work. This leads up to our next stable release, version 0.18.0. As such, version 0.17 will not appear in our stable Launchpad PPA.

Please also note that we've completed migrating Shotwell to the GNOME infrastructure. Shotwell's project home now resides at https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Shotwell

The changes in 0.17.0 include:

  * Include parent folder names for keyword search
  * Tumblr publishing fixed
  * Bug fixes
  * Updated translations

-- Jim

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