[Shotwell] reset shotwell and library to pristine state

Hi all,

After a failed attempt to move my library to a larger hard drive (it apparently didn't update the paths to edited photos), and several attempts to change my workflow by enabling the 'watch library' option I now have a library directory with extra shotwell generated images i.e. those with _shotwell in the name. I also have extra images with 'CR2_embedded' in the filename.

What I want to do is remove all images except CR2's, and camera generated jpg's. So, what I need to know is the naming convention that shotwell uses when generating new images. I assume the _shotwell photos are such. Are 'CR2_embedded' jpgs also generated by shotwell? I have up to 3 copies of these from the same cr2 image (from different failed/interrupted imports). I want my library to look like it's never seen shotwell before.

(My goal is to change my workflow. I want to use Rapid Photo Downloader for imports (it's much quicker than Shotwell, and doesn't hog my processor, although Shotwell has gotten better here), Shotwell for tag management and quick edits and Darktable for more extensive edits.)

Any help is appreciated.


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