[Shotwell] LibreGraphicsMeeting 2014 Leipzig Germany


I am writing you because of Libre Graphis Meeting 2014 in Leipzig, Germany. I
don't know if you are familiar with that event, it's the biggest meeting of
developers and users of free and open source graphics applications like GIMP,
Inkscape, Blender and others. Next year it will hold its 9th incarnation. It
is a meeting of the community, organized by the community.

We, that is all the people organizing it, would like to invite your project
team to join us. There are several other projects that would love to
discuss with your developers.

I would be glad if you could pass this invitation to some people that might be
interested, both developers and other contributors. If I should rather put
this into the forum just tell me.

The important dates are:

Location: Leipzig, Germany
Date: 2-5 April 2014
Submission deadline for presentations: 15 January 2014
Call for presentations:

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