[Shotwell] Don't Downgrade Shotwell

Howdy all,

Recently, there's been talk about the procedure for "downgrading" photo libraries from later versions of Shotwell for use with Shotwell 0.12.x. The official response was that this was a really bad idea, since downgrading would require mucking around with your database and could result in data loss. That warning remains absolutely true and correct.

But there's a big problem with running older versions of Shotwell that doesn't involve the database at all: web publishing may not work. What's more, even if it works now, it could break any time. During the time Shotwell was evolving as a product, web services (including Facebook, Flickr, and Google+/Picasa) transitioned from using proprietary, service-specific authentication methods like Google's ClientLogin (1) to using the OAuth "standard" (I use quotes because OAuth isn't really a standard so much as an authentication flow model (2) with several service-specific flavors). Only in Shotwell 0.14 was the full OAuth flow model and its various service-specific adaptations implemented in Shotwell for all services.

I know there's been quite a bit of talk in the community about some decisions Canonical has made and that, as a result, some people have decided to move from Ubuntu to Debian Wheezy. All of this speaks to our vibrant, opinionated community -- which is awesome. But if you're a heavy Shotwell web services user, I'd highly recommend *not* downgrading below Shotwell 0.14. Else publishing may become ugly. Very ugly.



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