feature request: add a request for advocating crypto to the crypto configuration


this feature request already exists for KGpg (and KMail, enigmail, and GnuPG):


We need everyone we can get for help in advocating the usage of crypto tools. 
Currently even most crypto users are not aware of the opportunities they have 
for doing that (even at nearly no effort).

Thus at a suitable place the crypto tools should get a link to a page which 
tells them, e.g. the KDE userbase wiki page I created for this purpose:


See this similar wishlist entry: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=318005
(The other way round: advocating crypto to non-crypto users)

Those who understand German may have a look ta my crypto advocating site 
(which contains similar ideas), too: http://www.crypto-fuer-alle.de/

Crypto für alle: http://www.openpgp-schulungen.de/fuer/unterstuetzer/
OpenPGP: 7D82 FB9F D25A 2CE4 5241 6C37 BF4B 8EEF 1A57 1DF5

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