Re: how to sign a pdf document with sea horse?

Many thanks Adam,
I thought I'd tried editing the pdf after signing it to test that out, but obviously failed!

but I can see that works now.
thanks again for the explanation.
I'll try playing with  gpg --verify now too.
It was also kind of you to respond so quickly.

all the best

Jamie Aylward

Adam Schreiber wrote:
On Sat, Oct 24, 2009 at 12:33 PM, J.A.Aylward <J A Aylward exeter ac uk> wrote:
Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I've been trawling the web and the
seahorse archives for an answer and can't find one.

In an openoffice document you can sign a document with a digital signature,
and it's all contained within the document.

That's a signature performed with an X.509/PKCS #11 certificate
provided from your mozilla store and placed in the .odf, etc.
according to the specification of that file.

Right clicking on a document in Gnome, produces a menu-item "Sign" - which
duly produces a .sig file. with seahorse what do I do with it? ;-)

This is a detached signature generated from a GPG/PGP key.  Double
click it and you should get a notification or dialog indicating the
status of the signed file.  It should be distributed with the signed
file.  You can also do gpg --verify foo.sig or seahorse-tool --verify

Have I just got the wrong impression, and the signing of a file is for
signing other certificates to make them "trusted"
or should I be somehow embedding the signature file within the pdf?

Unless evince or OO.o understand how to sign a pdf themselves, it
won't be included in the file.




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