Re: seahorse refactoring

I hope it's okay that I CC this to seahorse-list.

Adam Schreiber wrote:
> Are there more changes to seahorse in the vein of your refactoring
> that are yet to be made that will fix the brokenness of gkr,
> libcryptui, dbus before we hit the code freeze?  I've started to look
> at fixing the non-loading of gkr items and preferences as well as the
> lack of proper signing keys returned in the libcryptui signer widget
> but it looks like the refactoring is incomplete/you have more ideas
> for making seahorse extensible that haven't landed yet and don't want
> to step on your toes.

I've been out of touch, trying to get all the major changes done before
UI freeze next week.

I've committed the last of the major library changes to gnome-keyring.

Recently a library 'gcr' came about in gnome-keyring as part of the
refactoring there. It contains APIs for parsing and importing of
certificates/key formats, and various GTK GUI elements. It seems the
natural place for the recent certificate additions that I was trying to
cram into libcryptui, but didn't really fit.

So I've added the certificate UI bits to gcr, and if you're in
agreement, I'll make seahorse use those for displaying certificates. I'd
then remove them from libcryptui. So in the end libcryptui will look
very similar to when this cycle started.

Once this is done, I'll helping out with bug fixes and regressions,
documentation etc...


Stef Walter

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