Splitting seahorse into seahorse/seahorse-plugins

This is just an idea, and I haven't thought it completely through or
have a strong opinion either way.

Now that gnome-keyring has a certificate and key store, it seems
appropriate that seahorse will start to manage it. I'd like to add code
to do this during the next GNOME development cycle (ie: 2.24).

Seahorse already has a lot of code, as well as plans and ideas for
further expansion, and it may be in our interest to separate out the
various plugins (ie: the actual methods for encryption, decryption,
signing verification) from the keyring and password management.

It might end up being something like:

seahorse: Key, Certificate and Password Management
  - seahorse
  - seahorse-daemon (for the plugins to use)
  - libcryptui

seahorse-plugins: Crypto operations and integration
  - gedit plugin
  - applet
  - nautilus plugin
  - epiphany plugin

I imagine certain parts of libseahorse would be included in
seahorse-plugins and certain parts would be included in seahorse proper.
I don't think the actual amount of code overlap is as high as one would
at first expect.

I imagine seahorse-plugins would depend on seahorse.

What do folks think about this idea?

Stef Walter

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