on the starting of gnome-keyring-daemon

Hey, I hope it is ok to ask gnome-keyring-daemon questions here.

I noticed that for some reason, starting g-k-d from the pam module is
broken in rawhide.
That has the drawback that we don't get the password to unlock the
login keyring, I guess.
But it has the advantage that g-k-d actually gets started by
gnome-session, which has the advantage that I get a working ssh
passphrase prompt, which doesn't work when g-k-d is started from the
pam module. It also means that g-k-d has a chance to pick up e.g. a11y
settings, which is nice since
it shows UI...

I wonder what the plans are wrt to starting g-k-d ?

I'd love to have a solution that gives me all three of
a) unlocking of the login keyring
b) ssh passphrase prompting
c) g-k-d as a regular gnome-session client
but so far I have not been able to come up with a solution...


PS Bonus seahorse question: gnome-keyring-manager used to show the
special session keyring in addition to the ordinary 'default' and
'login' keyrings, seahorse seems to have dropped that. Any reason ?

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