Re: "Blank screen" screensaver goes white, instead of black.


Sorry for the delay.

On 5/17/07, Randy Forston <rforston earthlink net> wrote:

In the last week or two, whenever I bring up the screensaver in Gnome, (I'm
referring to the "Blank screen" setting), instead of the screen going to
black, it becomes bright white.

Would anyone here know how to fix this ... ?
So far all I've found are glade files that are confusing.

        I'm running Ubuntu 7.04, with Gnome 2.18 on a ViewSonic 19" LCD

Strange.  My first thought is that this may be a bug in the gtk
themes.  What window theme are you using?  If you change it does this
still occur?

Probably best to file a bug at under the
gnome-screensaver component with this information.


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