Moving DPMS to gnome-power-manager


Following up from this discussion:

I think we've agreed to move the power management stuff into gnome-power-manager.

So, what does this mean?

From my list in the above thread, the GSPower API is used in the following ways:
1. Power management is enabled/disabled and configured
2. Power management is activated/deactivated
3. Direct manipulation of power state
4. Monitoring power state

I'm thinking that we make the following changes:

1. Move the GConf keys and policy management to gnome-power-manager

2. Instead of activating display power management when the screensaver starts, gnome-power-manager can activate it when the session goes idle (in response to SessionIdleChanged). This will allow it to work even when the screensaver is disabled.

3. Probably still need to do manually turn on the display when we get "poked". Or alternately, we can use a g-p-m D-Bus method to turn the display power on.

4. Maybe the best thing is for g-p-m to emit a signal when the display power is changed. g-s could then just watch for that.

There is also the question of what to do about HAL-less systems. My view is that people concerned about that will submit patches.

Anything I'm missing?  Richard, what do you think?


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