Re: Welcome

I plan on proposing gnome-screensaver for inclusion in the GNOME desktop for 2.14 in a couple of weeks. What else should be done by then?

One item that probably could use some review and discussion is the screensaver DBus API.

One of my goals is for this, or something like it, to become a cross desktop, implementation independent interface.

Is your idea to just make a specification of the protocol and that other screensavers such as kscreensaver can implement that as well or make some kind of library that others can use?

In either case I think it is a good idea to talk to the maintainer of kscreensaver and other screensavers. Small thingy you probably already thought of is that you might want to replace the word gnome with something like freedesktop in the DBUS Service DBUS Object Path and DBUS Interface.

Another idea is maybe some contest for screensaver authors to get some high quality screensavers and a default screensaver for GNOME 2.14


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