A new proposal for unlock UI

Playing with current Ubuntu hack for xscreensaver unlock dialog, I found
interesting ideas about the unlock dialog for gnome-screensaver.

The main suggestion is place the face and the name horizontally: this is
really better IMHO (of course I'm not saying it's more usable, just more
visually pleasure).

By now I can't produce any patch (maybe the next week), but here[1] is
an animated mockup (many thanks to GIMP and GLADE).

      * Missing proxy icons from buttons is not a feature. I was trying
        the dialog without icons, if users don't like icons in dialog
        buttons. :-)
      * Apu was chosen due to his long long name
      * of course the face is (C) by Matt Groenig
      * we don't need a window titlebar, but a frame around the dialog
        could be interesting
      * if you do nothing, the "Access Denied" dialog should disappear
        after n seconds as well as the "Insert Password" dialog

If anyone want to implement it, I could send the GLADE file to check
spacings and placements (the "Access Denied" dialog should use the same
size of "Insert Password"; you can do it using a GtkNotebook without


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