New feature: mousetrapping

Hi all,

in misc-1.9 there's a new feature (modified/improved thingy from Wiki): mousetrap.jl

It's maybe not so easy to understand at first (atleast it wasn't for me). It's a way to more easily move the pointer via keyboard (in case you don't use your mouse).

First set-up:

(checkout/install from or with merged misc-1.9 branch)

( require 'sawfish.wm.ext.mousetrap )
( bind-keys global-keymap "WHATEVER" mousetrap-invoke)

In SawfishConfig you'll find two additional options in "misc" now:

mousetrap-outline: either crosshair or none
mousetrap-cursor-shape: any shape from sawfish.wm.cursor supported, only most reasonable exposed in SC

Invoke > Screen get's a crosshair with 4 quadrants, now press keys to navigate:

left: left-arrow / h
right: right-arrow / j
top: up-arrow / u
bottom: down-arrow / n

or move by quadrants (way faster):

top-left: Meta* left-arrow / r
top-right: Meta* right-arrow / t
bottom-left: Ctrl left-arrow / c
bottom-right: Ctrl right-arrow / b

(usually bound to left ALT)

Esc, RET or SPC to quit.

So that's it basically. In addtion where are:


same as above, but sending the given Event to the window below (in other words: mouse is redundant)

One thing: if you move the pointer to the edge (or 1 px before), you'll trigger edge-actions (if enabled). Prevention is already in edge-actions-1.9 branch, if desired, merge that one, too (only conflict is ChangeLog).

If you got any suggestion, let me know.

Have Fun :),

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