todo for edge-actions 1.9 [was: Re: mxflat theme broken with current git]

(sorry, replied to wrong mail => wrong subject)
TODO for EA in 1.9:

- xinerama awareness for tiling
needs testing
- tiling not properly working while-moving (will be fixed tomorrow)
- flip-viewport while-moving broken with viewport-boundary-mode dynamic
partially fixed. sawfish does no longer hang up, but still it creates more than 40 VPs ...
Hmm... old EF used edge-flip-synthesize for while-moving and I guess I see why, maybe
re-importing some of the old code will fix the issue.

- flip-viewport may skip a viewport and flip 2 (chance 2-3%) (regardless of boundary-mode)
hard to fix
- flip-viewport while-moving should temporarly set scroll-viewport-steps to 1 (just for better look)
done (fixed the sawfish hang up from #3)

Anything else is fine. Well, for Issue 3 and 4 I currently don't see the cause, maybe someone else
(Jeremy?) might want to have a look at it (though 3 is more important)?


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