Improved HotMove in GIT

Hi all,

today I revised HotMove and it's way better than before (maybe small 
adjustments still needed). For those who missed it: HotSpot is an EdgeAction 
which will perform a given function when the pointer hits a screen-edge, 
HotMove performs the given functions when the pointer hits a screen-edge while 
moving a window.

Internal changes: release-windows function replaced by fake-release-window 
subroutine. Same shit, better implementation. Presses ESC to release the 
window. HotSpot is blocked for one second after HotMove was called (previously 
you could easily trigger both, which is definitively unwanted).

User-visible changes: easier setup. before:

( defvar-setq top-edge-move-function
  ( lambda () (let ((win (current-event-window)))
                           (release-window #:warp t)
                           (maximize-window win))))


( defvar-setq top-edge-move-function
  ( lambda ( win ) ( maximize-window win ) ) )

Both HotMove and Tiling reside in the `edge-actions-1.9` branch.

Feel free to try it out and give suggestions.


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