Re: Sawfish and Fedora 15 (beta)

> I see... I just thought because of the changes in EA in 1.8.1 it
> would have been better to include it rather than 1.8.0. But well,
> nothing is perfect.

Is it possible to run sawfish-1.8.1 with old librep/rep-gtk?

- ".so instead of .la" patch is already included in fedora
- combined gtk/gtk-types patch is already included
- paths have version/arch, but does it really matter for 1.8.1?

Sawfish's configure requires librep 0.92.0 but after patching it back
to 0.91.1 it seems to compile ok. It even installs files to
usr/lib64/rep/<arch>/sawfish as it should.

I did not test it, though. It's up to you. Should I test it and update
it to Fedora with old librep/rep-gtk? Seven days is enough for that.

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