Re: Speaking of Fedora and Sawfish

On Thursday 31 March 2011 13:45:29 Christopher X. Candreva wrote:
> Has anyone started looking at what we'll have to do to keep useing Sawfish
> under Fedora 15 / Gnome 3, when Gnome Shell replaces use of a window manger
> and the panel ?

There's a sub-optimal "fallback mode", which is basically GNOME2 (panel, self-
choosen WM (...)). But I guess it's not what you expect before 3.2 is out 
(panel not finished, applets not ported). 

Though I don't know what is required to enter fallbak mode nor how to set it 
up. Recently I've switched back to KDE4 (I hate new technologies, which are 
combined with someone forcing you to use it's companion, instead of developing 
something less single-solution-only).

A DesktopShell is definitively something which should not be a one way. Plasma 
for example offers greater functionality and flexibility, while it doesn't 
matter what other software (in our case: WM) you use.


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