Re: Sawfish without Gnome

On Thu, Mar 17 2011, Session13 wrote:

> Hi,
> I've used Sawfish successuflly with Gnome but now I want to use it
> without Gnome or any other Desktop Environment.
> Right now I have clean Debian stable netinst installation with sawfish
> package installed. When running `sawfish' as root there is a `can't open
> display' error. What should I do to run Sawfish?

If you have Xorg installed, just create a file in your home directory
called .xinitrc with the contents:

   exec sawfish

If you want, you can add other commands or programs you want to start
before that line; e.g.,

    exec sawfish

With .xinitirc in place, you can then start the X server from the
console with the command xinit.


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