[sawfish] Re: Sawfish in python??? scheme?

15 minutes ago, Teika Kazura wrote:
> Maybe other Scheme than guile is desired.

A while ago I talked about plt-scheme, which in the meantime got
renamed as racket (http://racket-lang.org/).  Currently, racket is a
flexible language in that it is very easy to create your own language
in it.  This fits nicely with cases where you want a scheme-like
language for legacy code.  Another thing that is different now is that
racket's gui was rewritten from scratch and is now implemented using
the racket ffi (=> so it's all racket code rather than a pile of C++
code), and for linux it uses GTK (and cairo, pango, etc).  But one
note here is that the GTK level is aimed at gui applications so it
might not include things that a WM needs.  Racket is used in a good
number of universities, which means that there's a constant stream of
students that use it -- it's not as popular as python, of course, but
it's far better than the situation with librep.

> Some schemes use native code, but I think it's better to have REPL,
> since it allows on-the-fly configuration with sawfish-client like
> stuff.  [...]

(Having a REPL is definitely an advantage for a WM, though it has the
usual dangers too.)

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