[ANNOUNCE] Sawfish 1.8.90 SNAPSHOT 01

Hi all,

time to present something new: snapshot releases.

Nothing special, just a recent tarball with all branches merged, to ease beta-testing. Snapshot releases will only be announced on ML and Wiki.

Several changes have been made and I strongly encourage you to test.

Note: you will need the latest revisions of both librep and rep-gtk from GIT (else SawfishConfig won't work properly).

Additionally Screenshots from revised SawfishConfig can be found here:




Happy testing!

ChangeLog for 1.8.90S01:

2011-06-11 Christopher Roy Bratusek <nano tuxfamily org>
* lisp/sawfish/cfg/widgets/workspace-geometry.jl: removed, unused

* lisp/sawfish/wm/misc.jl: add call-with-pointer-grabbed

* lisp/sawfish/wm/util/keymap.jl: read-event does now grab the pointer
instead of keyboard, fixes setting mouse or mixed mouse-keyboard
bindings from SawfishConfig (keyboard-only bindings still work)

* lisp/sawfish/cfg/layouts/keymap.jl: removed beautify-keymap-name,
use beautify-symbol-name instead

* po/sawfish-xgettext: use beautify-symbol-name from rep.util.misc,
removed own beautify-symbol-name/beautify-keymap-name

* lisp/sawfish/cfg/widgets/frame-style.jl: shut-up a compiler-warning

* lisp/sawfish/cfg/widgets/frame-style.jl
* lisp/sawfish/gtk/widget.jl: properly loop through the list of
options when filling GtkComboBoxText widgets

* lisp/sawfish/cfg/widgets/match-window.jl: don't make scheme-boolean
an optional widget

* lisp/sawfish/gtk/widgets/scheme-boolean.jl: use GtkCheckButton
instead of GtkToggleButton. Set intial and clear states to
`inconsistent' and only return #t or #f it not `inconsistent'.
Properly implements scheme-boolean in Window-Rules

* lisp/sawfish/cfg/shell.jl: added apply-gtk-style-properties.
Currently only `appear-as-list' to GtkComboBoxText is passed

2011-06-10 Christopher Roy Bratusek <nano tuxfamily org>
* lisp/sawfish/cfg/utils.jl: removed (funcs now in rep.util.misc)

* lisp/sawfish/cfg/layout.jl
* lisp/sawfish/cfg/widgets/command.jl
* lisp/sawfish/cfg/widgets/keymaps.jl
* lisp/sawfish/cfg/widgets/match-windows.jl: updated for above change

* lisp/sawfish/cfg/Makefile.in
* lisp/sawfish/cfg/widgets/icon.jl: removed unused, dummy 'icon widget

* lisp/sawfish/cfg/widgets/gtk/*: removed unused

* lisp/sawfish/gtk/widgets/program.jl: removed 'program widget (just
an alias to 'file)

* lisp/sawfish/gtk/Makefile.in
* lisp/sawfish/wm/ext/play-audio.jl: updated

* lisp/sawfish/gtk/widgets/simple-dialog.jl: better wmclass

* lisp/sawfish/cfg/widgets/command.jl
* lisp/sawfish/gtk/widget.jl: removed option-index (now in
rep.util.misc) and command-index (exactly the same as option-index)

* lisp/sawfish/cfg/widgets/command.jl
* lisp/sawfish/cfg/widgets/frame-style.jl
* lisp/sawfish/gtk/widget.jl: use option-index instead of position and
protect against wrong values

2011-06-04 Christopher Roy Bratusek <nano tuxfamily org>
* configure.in: bump minimum librep to 0.92.1, new funcs required by

2011-06-02 Christopher Roy Bratusek <nano tuxfamily org>
* lisp/sawfish/wm/ext/mousetrap.jl: added defvars to be able to
adjust the mousetrap keybindings. Set a timer of one second to
properly block edge-actions after mousetrapping

* lisp/sawfish/wm/edge/actions.jl: added before-edge-action-hook and
after-edge-action-hook. Fixed logic of blocking actions while

* lisp/sawfish/wm/autoload.jl: drop edge-flip-invoke and
viewport-drag-invoke from list

* lisp/sawfish/wm/edge/tile.jl: added command definition

* lisp/sawfish/gtk/widgets/image.jl: due two fixes in rep-gtk it's possible
now to set the filename in GtkFileChooserButton, so the GtkEntry is

* configure.in: bump minimum GTK+ to 2.24, GDK to 2.23

* lisp/sawfish/gtk/widget.jl: port 'choice, 'symbol and 'frame-style widgets
to GtkComboBoxText

2011-05-31 Christopher Roy Bratusek <nano tuxfamily org>
* lisp/sawfish/wm/edge/actions.jl: don't exec any edge-action, while
mousetrapping is active (new feature in misc-1.9 branch)

* lisp/sawfish/wm/ext/mousetrap.jl: added mousetrapping feature,
original module by Fernando Carmona Varo, modified by me

2011-05-29 Christopher Roy Bratusek <nano tuxfamily org>
* lisp/sawfish/wm/ext/wallpaper.jl: added option to pass extra
arguements to wallpaper-setter. Place widget-text to the left

* lisp/sawfish/gtk/widgets/image.jl
* lisp/sawfish/gtk/widgets/file.jl: better widget-layout

* lisp/sawfish/gtk/widgets/font.jl.in: ported 'font widget to
gtk-font-button (rather than ancient gtk-font-selection-dialog) and
removed the entry and hbox widgets.

2011-05-28 Jeremy Hankins <nowan nowan org>
* lisp/sawfish/wm/edge/flip.jl
* lisp/sawfish/wm/edge/hot-spots.jl: EF/HS/HM timers are no
longer started if a timer is already running; fixes bug where
flip-viewport would jump multiple viewports.

2011-05-28 Christopher Roy Bratusek <nano tuxfamily org>
* lisp/sawfish/gtk/widgets/file.jl: ported 'file widget to

* lisp/sawfish/gtk/widgets/image.jl: improved 'image widget

* lisp/Makefile.in: don't install wallpaper.jlc (breaks 'image and
'file widgets (...))

* lisp/sawfish/wm/ext/wallpaper.jl: added integration of wallpaper
settings (also gnome2 and xfce4 if desired), original module by Lucas
Pandolfo and heavily modified by me

2011-05-25 Christopher Roy Bratusek <nano tuxfamily org>
* lisp/sawfish/gtk/widgets/image.jl: added image-widget for
sawfish-config (contains preview and selector), original widget by
Lucas Pandolfo and heavily modified by me

* lisp/sawfish/gtk/Makefile.in: updated

* configure.in: bump minimum rep-gtk to 0.90.7 (new funcs required by
image widget)

2011-05-22 Christopher Roy Bratusek <nano tuxfamily org>
* lisp/sawfish/wm/frames.jl: fixed setting frame-font colors for
states inactive-highlighted and inactive-clicked

* themes/get-S-tabbed/theme.jl
* themes/Crux/theme.jl
* themes/mxflat/theme.jl
* src/frames.c
* src/sawfish_subrs.h
* lisp/sawfish/wm/frames.jl: remove frame-font, fallback to
default-font again. Instead offer options for changing frame-font
according to the window state.

* lisp/sawfish/wm/frames.jl: added option to adjust border-width and
border-color options.

* lisp/sawfish/wm/user.jl: load frame-font and border-width/color
options on startup

2011-05-21 Christopher Roy Bratusek <nano tuxfamily org>
* debian/changelog
* debian/rules
* debian/postinst
* debian/sawfish-data.postinst
* Makefile.in: make packaging scripts work

2011-05-14 Christopher Roy Bratusek <nano tuxfamily org>
* src/frames.c
* src/sawfish_subrs.h
* lisp/sawfish/wm/gaol.jl
* lisp/sawfish/wm/frames.jl: use frame-font for titlebars, rather than
default-font (now changing titlebar-font leaves message-font intact)

* themes/mxflat/theme.jl
* themes/get-S-tabbed/theme.jl
* themes/Crux/theme.jl
* themes/StyleTab/theme.jl: updated to use frame-font instead of
default-font. Remove custom-font-setting option from StyleTab

* lisp/sawfish/wm/frames.jl: added options for chaning highlight and
clicked font-colors for inactive tabs and titlebars

2011-05-13 Christopher Roy Bratusek <nano tuxfamily org>
* lisp/sawfish/wm/frames.jl: add possibility to also change the
font-color for highlighted and clicked frames regardless of theme

* lisp/sawfish/wm/frames.jl: fixed changing font-color for horizontal
tabbars (vertical don't show text (yet))

* themes/StyleTab/theme.jl: remove custom color-changing option

* lisp/sawfish/wm/edge/flip.jl: only call after-flip for
flip-workspace. set scroll-viewport-steps to 1 for flip-viewport
while-moving (no hang when viewport-boundary-mode 'dynamic)

* lisp/sawfish/wm/edge/actions.jl: add while-moving key-value

* lisp/sawfish/wm/edge/tile.jl: call fake-release-window when tiling
while moving a winodw (so that it properly works)

2011-05-07 Christopher Roy Bratusek <nano tuxfamily org>
* lisp/sawfish/wm/viewport.jl: add window-on-current-head-viewport

* lisp/sawfish/wm/edge/tile.jl: one-shot-try to make tile

2011-05-05 Christopher Roy Bratusek <nano tuxfamily org>
* lisp/sawfish/wm/commands/jump-or-exec.jl: reverted 2 commits

* lisp/sawfish/wm/windows.jl: more robustness for get-window-by
-name, -class, -role

* **/Makefile.in: remove VPATH to appease makepp [Daniel Pfeiffer]

* configure.in: check for XTest

* lisp/sawfish/wm/windows.jl: remove release-window function

* src/windows.c: add fake-release-window subroutine

* lisp/sawfish/wm/edge/hot-spot.jl: improve HotMove for easier user-setup

* lisp/sawfish/wm/edge/action.jl: block HotSpot for 1 second after
HotMove was called

2011-04-26 Christopher Roy Bratusek <nano tuxfamily org>
* lisp/sawfish/wm/autoload.jl: removed maybe-raise-tab from
autoload, aswell as viewport-linear stuff. Add edge-flip-invoke,
viewport-drag-invoke and tile-windows to autoload

* lisp/sawfish/wm/tile.jl: make tiling actually work

2011-04-25 Christopher Roy Bratusek <nano tuxfamily org>
* lisp/sawfish/wm/edge/tile.jl: only include windows on
current-workspace AND current-viewport

* lisp/sawfish/wm/workspace.jl: fixed window-on-current-workspace-p
added window-on-current-workspace-viewport-p

2011-04-24 Christopher Roy Bratusek <nano tuxfamily org>
* lisp/sawfish/wm/edge/tile.jl: tiling for EdgeActions
original code by Mark Triggs, updated by me [not yet working!]

* lisp/sawfish/wm/edge/hot-spot.jl: added HotMove for EdgeActions

* lisp/sawfish/wm/windows.jl
* lisp/sawfish/wm/workspace.jl
* lisp/sawfish/wm/commands/move-resize.jl: various support functions
for HotMove and Tiling

* lisp/sawfish/wm/edge/conf.jl
* lisp/sawfish/wm/edge/actions.jl: updated

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