Re: Shrinking Vertical Size of Window

Am 09.06.2011 18:49, schrieb Alan McConnell:
Assembled Wisdom!

Sometimes -- I don't know how, or what command is given by the
web site I'm accessing -- the vertical size of my iceweasel(*)
window becomes larger than the size of my screen, and, no matter how
near the top of my screen the top of the iceweasel window is,
the bottom edge has disappeared.  If this bottom edge has
disappeared, I can't grab it with the mouse and shrink the
vertical size of the window to its normal height.

Is there a keyboard command to deal with this problem?  I always
have terminal windows open, so I could set up a rep command
to set the proper size of (whatever) window, in this case the
iceweasel one.

I'm running Debian squeeze, and sawfish 1.3.5 2.

Thanks in advance for anticipated help!

Alan McConnell

(*)  iceweasel, the name that Debian gives to Mozilla's Firefox
Hi Alan,

first of all welcome to the list :)

Second Sawfish is totally outdated. The latest stable release is 1.8.1, so you're better off updating and testing it then.

See for example.


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