Re: Idea for bug #47468

On Saturday 08 January 2011 06:24:20 Teika Kazura wrote:
> On Thu, 6 Jan 2011 19:00:55 +0100, Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:
> > (SawfishConfig) does not work after WM restart.
> > 
> > hook into restart-hook with a function which calls SCs
> > save-configuration-to- sawfish/custom function
> As far as I know, you can't control the configurator from the window
> manager.
> Teika (Teika kazura)

That's right, but it's not required as I see (fine). Closing it, auto-saves the 
changes done, so a

;; somewhere in Sawfish (user.jl?)

(add-hook 'before-exit-hook exit-sawfish-configurator-on-restart)

(define (exit-sawfish-configurator-on-restart)
  (if (get-window-by-class "Sawfish-configurator)
        (delete-window-safely (get-window-by-class "Sawfish-configurator"))
        (add-hook 'after-initialization-hook restart-sawfish-configurator))))

would be enough for restart-hook (which temporarly hooks a function into 
after-restart hook to simply start SawfishConfig again, and then unhooks 
itself), like

(define (restart-sawfish-configurator)
  (system "sawfish-config &")
  (remove-hook 'after-initialization-hook restart-sawfish-configurator))

Wild guess, haven't tested the code yet.

* What if SawfishConfig is running while Sawfishs quits? Shouldn't it also be 
autoclosed? customize-program-class it not here yet.


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