Re: ** to GIT source users ** Some incompatibility in "StyleTab"

On Monday 21 February 2011 23:27:34 fuchur wrote:
> Hi,
> On Mon, 21 Feb 2011 22:41:15 +0100
> wrote Christopher Roy Bratusek <nano tuxfamily org>:
> >What about this? The change in beos-window-menu.jl seems fine, but I'm
> >somewhat unsure about the one in x-cycle.jl...
> I don't understand your problem. Here it works perfekt with enter-exit
> mode. Look:
> mplayer
> or im browser

The "problem" are the default settings. Namely focus-mode 'click and tabs-
raise-on-hover nil. With those settings the issues I encoutered with selecting 
window from menu or cycling happens.

So there are two solutions: behaviour breackage and may one of the enter-* 
(preferably enter-exit) the default focus-mode and set tabs-raise-on-hover to 

Still, if someone uses 'click, tabs-raise-on-hover will likely also be nil, as 
it would else be non-consistent behaviour.

So in this case Sawfish's flexibility is the root-cause. Since I don't want to 
force a given behaviour to be able to properly use tabs, I would rather add 
some code to ensure it does with most varitions.


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