Re: ** to GIT source users ** Some incompatibility in "StyleTab"


On Fri, 18 Feb 2011 01:18:59 +0100
wrote fuchur <flohtransporter gmail com>:

>Add support for send-to/copy-to next/prev workspace for tabbed windows.
>Add tab-group-windows-index to tabgroup.jl which returns a list of
>tabbed windows (if any).
>Don't add a window to tabgroup if window has a copy on a other
>workspace (tabgroup.jl).
>Add tab-group-windows-index to gaol-add in tabgroup.jl.
>In workspace.jl makes "send-to-next-workspace" works with tabs. 

Forgotten something to rename. Samll fix. Sorry.


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diff -urNad sawfish-git-9999.orgi/lisp/sawfish/wm/workspace.jl sawfish-git-9999/lisp/sawfish/wm/workspace.jl
--- sawfish-git-9999.orgi/lisp/sawfish/wm/workspace.jl	2011-02-18 01:42:23.000000000 +0100
+++ sawfish-git-9999/lisp/sawfish/wm/workspace.jl	2011-02-18 01:42:05.000000000 +0100
@@ -700,15 +700,15 @@
                               w current-workspace)
                            (car (window-workspaces w))))
-             (tabbed (tab-group-windows-index w)))
+             (wins (tab-group-windows-index w)))
          (when orig-space
            (mapcar (lambda (w)
-                     (copy-window-to-workspace w orig-space space)) tabbed)
+                     (copy-window-to-workspace w orig-space space)) wins)
            (when select
              (select-workspace space was-focused))
            (unless copy
              (mapcar (lambda (w)  
-                       (move-window-to-workspace w orig-space space)) tabbed))
+                       (move-window-to-workspace w orig-space space)) wins))
            (when (and was-focused (window-visible-p w))
              (set-input-focus w)))))
      count workspace-send-boundary-mode))

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