Re: Our new bugtracker is ready.


On Wed, 2 Feb 2011 20:19:08 +0100
wrote Christopher Roy Bratusek <admin nanolx org>:

>Hi all,
>our new bugtracker on TuxFamily is ready.
>Feel free to test it and report any problems.

If i try to register i got:

Fatal error:
Uncaught Error of type [Swift_ConnectionException] with message [The
SMTP connection failed to start []: fsockopen returned
Error Number 110 and Error String 'Connection timed out'] @0
in /data/web/92/bc/1a/
on line 149 @1 Notifications::Create()
in /data/web/92/bc/1a/
on line 330 @2 Notifications::SendEmail()
in /data/web/92/bc/1a/
on line 39 @3 Swift::Swift()
in /data/web/92/bc/1a/
on line 286

in /data/web/92/bc/1a/
on line 99 


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