Re: New tab themes

On Tuesday 01 February 2011 18:48:36 fuchur wrote:
> Hi,
> On Tue, 1 Feb 2011 18:25:37 +0100
> wrote Christopher Roy Bratusek <admin nanolx org>:
> >Perhaps you'll find a way to make the setting work on-the-fly.
> You know i am not a programmer but if you makes it work on fly you need
> very much memory (for each style "make-image" for each frame/button
> at sawfish start), and sawfish start (with loaded StyleTab theme) would
> take a lot of more time. Correct me if i wrong.

Of course you're right, I more thought of load default style => unload then 
changed and load new one (without restart). Of course it's not a thing which 
should be on any TODO-list, but I just thought of it.

Besides rep's tar-file-handler isn't good enough for this theme ... so sawfish
will install the .tar.gz ('cause it's way easier to handle it in Makefile), but 
make will afterwards uncompress (+ rm the .tar.gz). That means Sawfish does 
start up much faster than it did with DarkTab previously (StyleTab took almost 
30sek to load as .tar.gz).

On weekend I'll retry with tar/bz2, tar/lzma and tar/xz (though the latter two 
aren't good choices, as not everyone got them (especially XZ (aka LZMA2)))


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