Re: Dark-Tab theme modifications

fuchur said:     (by the date of Tue, 31 Aug 2010 18:19:32 +0200)

> >To summarise this and previous email, current problems are:
> >
> >- removing program icon
> see below
> >- 22 pixel long window corners
> for this you need add some class (like left/right/top/bottom-border) in
> the theme and redraw some images.

That's what I expected, too difficult to do now :)
> >- (maybe make rotating title text in vertical themes)
> i have not the knowledge to do this
> >- (maybe fix "overlapping" bug)
> i can't reproduces this ...

hmm, strange. Maybe I have some binding wrong, it happens due to
raising one window in the tab group, but not the others. And I'm
doing it by left clicking on their titles or on the window.

Following binding in the window context is a reason for this
"overlapping" bug:

  Button1-Click : 'raise and pass through click'

But without this binding I am unable to raise a window by clicking on
it! :) So I prefer to have this binding and live with the bug ;)

I guess that the function 'raise and pass through click' should have
additional call that raises other windows in the tab group.

Hmm... did my sawfish installation got mangled somehow? I thought
that this particular thing was done already. Hmm, I looked in the
source but my lisp skills are not enough to fix this myself.
I don't know if I should modify
or something else :)
> rename your Dark-Tab folder from your themes to mxflat-style-tab and try
> the attached theme.jl. It also should fix your icon problems if your

thanks a lot! It all works nice now :)

Janek Kozicki                       |

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