sawfish has lost a window.

And we have time to debug it.

When X starts, I have following line in my rox autorun script:

  xterm -geom 95x15+3520+685  -fg gray -bg black -T last      -e watch -n25 "last | grep -v -e \"janek *pts/[0-9]* *:0.0\"" &

It shows me last logins, except for me logging to X. The window is
titled "last", due to `-T last` argument.

Among hundreds of windows open, this one has been lost, and I cannot
find it. Maybe I have lost some other windows too, but I didn't
notice. It is not in sawfish windows list, it isn't anywhere on all
of my viewports. Also I remember that we were talking about this
problem before. So I think that this is a nice occasion to debug
this. Except that I don't know how to debug this :)

first of all I have version If that problem was fixed in
later releases, then just tell me. BTW it's funny that currently
sawfish releases are faster than I am able to do upgrades ;-)))

OK, so I can see the process is running:

janek atak:~$ ps auxw | grep last
janek     4377  0.0  0.0  61128  2272 ?        S    Sep28   0:06 xterm -geom 95x15+3520+685 -fg gray -bg black -T last -e watch -n25 last | grep -v -e "janek *pts/[0-9]* *:0.0"
janek     4387  0.0  0.0  10452   940 pts/3    Ss+  Sep28   0:52
watch -n25 last | grep -v -e "janek *pts/[0-9]* *:0.0"

I can see it in `xwininfo -root -tree` which produces a 7070 lines
long list. And word "last" appears there only once, So I hope that
this is that window, and not some other window:

    0xc01020 (has no name): ()  578x219+-22080+685  +-22080+685
        18 children:
        0xc11b0d (has no name): ()  16x16+560+2  +-21520+687
        0xc11b0b (has no name): ()  16x16+544+2  +-21536+687
        0xc11b09 (has no name): ()  16x16+528+2  +-21552+687
        0xc11b07 (has no name): ()  2x199+576+18  +-21504+703
        0xc11b05 (has no name): ()  2x2+576+217  +-21504+902
        0xc11b03 (has no name): ()  574x2+2+217  +-22078+902
        0xc11b01 (has no name): ()  2x2+0+217  +-22080+902
        0xc11aff (has no name): ()  2x199+0+18  +-22080+703
        0xc11afd (has no name): ()  2x16+574+2  +-21506+687
        0xc11afb (has no name): ()  2x18+576+0  +-21504+685
        0xc11af9 (has no name): ()  2x18+0+0  +-22080+685
        0xc11af7 (has no name): ()  16x16+2+2  +-22078+687
        0xc11af5 (has no name): ()  16x16+18+2  +-22062+687
        0xc11af3 (has no name): ()  3x16+525+2  +-21555+687
        0xc11af1 (has no name): ()  3x16+34+2  +-22046+687
        0xc11aef (has no name): ()  488x16+37+2  +-22043+687
        0xc11aed (has no name): ()  574x2+2+0  +-22078+685
        0x3000024 "last": ("xterm" "XTerm")  574x199+2+18  +-22078+703
           1 child:
           0x300002f (has no name): ()  574x199+0+0  +-22078+703

I don't know what means "+-22078+703", but it is not changing as I am
changing my current viewport. I have only one desktop and 6x4 viewports.

I don't know what else should I/can I do.

The goal is to eliminate this behaviour in sawfish ;-)

any ideas?
Janek Kozicki                       |

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