howto extend "window-ops-menu"?

'uname -rms' -> Linux i686
'sawfish --version' -> sawfish version 1.7.0


I have some bad behaving x11 clients that can shoot down x11 and take
the machine with them when they make it impossible to even switch to
another virtual console.  So while x11 still works, I want to be able to
kill them.  Sawfish has two documented commands for this:
"destroy-window" and "kill-client".  I want them in the window-ops-menu.

I tried, from within sawfish-client:

  (nconc window-ops-menu
      (cons "Destroy-window" destroy-window)
      (cons "Kill-client" kill-client)))

and various other incantations.  The list items show up in variable
window-ops-menu all right, but when I click on the button normally
showing it, I cannot select the operation wanted, instead the client
disappears.  Also, "kill-client" doesn't exist anymore?  That symbol is
undefined.  It doesn't matter, even without that cons it doesn't work.

What am I doing wrong?  Is it the missing "_" hotkey definition?


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