My todos.

Hi. My todos are:

* Finish Simplified Chinese issue; send two po's to its Gnome
  translation team.
* Merge two window menu files (ext/beos-window-menu.jl is the default,
  and ext/old-window-menu.jl is the old one, in which windows aren't
  grouped.), and add an option to choose between these two.
* Merge Timo's better 'quote-event' (under a new name, perhaps
* Cleanup bugzilla items. I've already reviewed them. Some are
  obsolete, and can be closed. Many are recorded in "TODO" file, and
  most of them deserve WONTFIX, but not critical bugs. So close them,
  to delete from the bugzilla. (I read someone insist that the shorter
  bugzilla queue is better. Sounds reasonable.)
* Send replies on toggle-or-exec and hot-spot. The latter sounds great.

* Final cleanup of base mechanism of edge-flip and infinite-desktop.
* push "diffcult" todos to wiki.

* Big cleanup. For example, FAQ is re-organized, and imported from Wiki.
  "user-doc" is merged to info, and I'd like to write "quickstart".
* (After info) Wiki cleanup.

* Module refactoring: wm/custom* and util/nokogiri.jl are configurator
  interface, so collect under wm/custom/. Maybe window-matcher.jl,
  too. I'd like to group animator modules, too. (They're stable, but
  clutters the file tree.) Menus under wm/menu .

Teika (Teika kazura)

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