[README] get-window-by-* changes

Hi all,

Just wanted to inform you about a change in get-window-by-* functions.
(only in HEAD)

New functions:

window-role (returns 'WM_WINDOW_ROLE of a window or nil)
get-window-by-id (filter windows by id, takes #:regex to match on a regex)
get-window-by-role (filter windows by role, takes #:regex to match on a regex)

Removed functions:


Changed functions:

get-window-by-name: now takes #:regex to match on regex 
				  now takes #:icon to match on icon-name instead
				  (or both)

get-window-by-class: now takes #:regex to match on regex

only jump-or-exec uses the -re variants internally and is updated.
Next commit will be two dummy functions for compat -- but it's highly 
recommended to update -- dummy functions will be dropped in 2.90.



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 2. Polizeidetektor an die Haustuer
 3. http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermit
 4. Wenn Detektor anschlaegt, dann ausloesen.
 5. Badezimmer renovieren" 

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