Re: default behavior of window-to-workspace

On Sat, 23 Oct 2010 21:40:38 +0200, Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:
>> > I'm just wondering about the default behavior of
>> > send/copy-window-to-next/previous-workspace:
>> > 
>> > I wonder whether switching workspaces by default is desired. I mean when I move a
>> > window to another workspace it's 50% whether I want to go with, but when I copy it, I
>> > never want to go with it.
>> Hmm, make the name "move" obsolete, and create "carry" and "push" may be
>> what you want. [...]
> Well -move is fully okay, if we don't follow the window, what about
> {move,copy}-window-to-{next,previous}-workspace{,-follow}?

Good idea, since move is the more natural word. They also sound better
when called from lisp.
>> # In fact, I've been wanting a command "carry" which does:
>> [Nice code]
>> # This is "itchy". In firefox, when I open a link in a new tab,
>> # 70% is I want to go see the new tab, but there's no control for
>> # each time. Only "always go to the new tab" option is offered.
>  install Taberwocky or TabMixPlus

Wow, thanks a lot for your really kind reply. Now I'm a happier linux
user. :D

>> > wouldn't it be better to have separated entries for [sticky WS and VP]?
>> In fact, sawfish's "stickiness" is too ambiguous. It sometimes means
>> WS-sticky, otherwise WS-VP-sticky. Should I clean this up?
> I think we should do that.

Ok, I record it in my todo list, which has grown much recently.
I should organize and push to wiki before setting off actual codings.

Teika (Teika kazura)

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